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Pet Boarding

Our compassionate veterinary staff will make sure your pet receives plenty of one-on-one attention, interactive playtime, and nutritious meals. Learn more about our pet boarding services below!

Pet Boarding

We provide pet boarding for dogs and cats. All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff!

Pet Boarding

We know that leaving your pet is never easy. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are wholly focused on their health and happiness when they’re with us. While you have many boarding options for your pet when you’re gone, we think our veterinarian-supervised kennel team will go above and beyond in looking after your pet while you’re away.

Our kennel area is properly cleaned daily so your pet can relax in a healthy environment. For the safety of all our pet guests, we require up-to-date pet vaccinations and an annual negative fecal test done before checking in. If your pet is not current on these vaccinations, the vaccines can be administered with an exam at the time of the boarding reservation.

If your pet should become ill during their stay with us, our kennel personnel will notify our veterinarian who can determine as to whether any type of medical treatment is required in our veterinary clinic. Before you come to pick them up, add in a grooming session, and you’ll come home to a happy, clean, and well-rested pet!

What to Bring

During your pet’s stay we supply all the comforts of home, including size appropriate beds. Please bring your pet’s own food, their favorite treat, medications and/or supplements (in original packaging) and a max of two comfort items (blanket, toy, t-shirt, etc).

Food needs to be in pre-portioned servings. Please do not bring large bags of food or large containers as these cannot fit into your pet’s personal locker.

To maintain a safe, clean environment – Riverwalk no longer allows dog/cat beds at drop off. We will provide every pet a size appropriate bed and will make special accommodations for senior pets that need extra support. 

We highly recommend bringing your pet’s own food to help prevent stomach upset during their stay. If you are unable to bring your pet’s own food or if your pet runs out of food during their stay, we can feed your pet our Purina Prescription EN (Chicken and Rice) diet for an extra $2.00 per day.

Medications & Diabetic Pets

If your pet is on any medications, our veterinary technicians or assistants will administer the medications to your pet during their stay for $8.50 per day. Please bring medications in original packaging and allow extra time at check in. *There is no administration charge for non-prescription supplements such as fish oil and joint supplements.

Diabetic pets will receive special care from our veterinary team for an extra $25 per day. (This includes insulin injections twice a day, a technician ensuring pet eats / supervising them after insulin administration, more frequent bathroom breaks and administration of any other medications they are on during their stay.) Please allow extra time at check in for a member from our veterinary team to talk with you.

pet boarding

Boarding Vaccination/Test Requirements

Requirements for dogs and cats coming into the hospital for boarding, grooming, daycare, and/or day admittance, pets must be current with the following immunizations/parasite tests:


  • Rabies (initial vaccine booster after 1 year, then administered every 3 years thereafter)
  • DHPP (every three years)
  • Bordetella (every six months)
  • Bivalent Canine Influenza (H3N8 and H3N2) (yearly)
  • Fecal (yearly) * pet has tested negative within the last 12 months


  • Rabies (initial vaccine booster after 1 year then, administered every 3 years thereafter)
  • FVRCP (every three years)
  • Fecal (yearly) * pet has tested negative within the last 12 months

Pets less than a year old need to have completed their vaccination series up to the Rabies vaccination to be admitted into boarding, dog daycare, and grooming. All vaccinations must have been administered by a licensed veterinarianDue to the risk of being contagious, patients displaying potential respiratory illness, coughing, vomiting, and/or diarrhea must be scheduled for an appointment with a veterinarian, these pets are NOT eligible for day admission into the hospital.  Pets must also be free of internal and external parasites (or will be treated at the pet owner’s expense).

Boarding Pricing

Small Dog Condo (under 20 lbs) $45.00
Each Additional Pet: $36.00

Dog Runs (4’x5′) $48.00
Each Additional Pet $39.00

Luxe Suites (6’x6′) $63.00
Each Additional Pet $51.00
(Includes deluxe beds, larger space, and quieter environment)

Cat Boarding: Kitty Condos $32.00
Each Additional Pet $25.00

Boarding Add-Ons:

TLC Package:

  • 10 min: $15 per day.
    Each Additional Pet: $12 per pet/day

Treat Package $2.00 per day/pet

Dog Daycare with Boarding $18.00 per day/pet

Initial Daycare Evaluation $22.00